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Information Center

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Learn about the advantages of 3M Electronic Monitoring products for the criminal justice industry. Download product literature and learn of current industry events.

Current Events
As a leading provider of offender tracking and monitoring technology, we often share our knowledge and latest innovations at technology conferences and other industry events. If you happen to attend one of these events, please come by and visit with us. We would be pleased to talk with you and your colleagues about our solutions and how they can benefit your operations.

View our event schedule

Product Brochures
We have compiled a repository containing brochures that describe all of our products for criminal justice in greater detail. You can find all the information you need right here – from RF curfew monitoring, remote alcohol monitoring to one or two-piece GPS tracking devices, inmate tracking, and much more.

Access our product brochure repository


Plateforme intégrée de surveillance

Plus d'informations sur la façon dont 3M Surveillance électronique offre de la flexibilité à votre administration grâce à une gamme complète d’outils de surveillance électronique et de technologies de communication interropérables.