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3M™ Zeta Plus Single-Use Depth Filtration

Flexibility Scalability Improved Yields

A single use disposable depth filtration system designed for the bioprocessing industry, where upstream cell clarification and impurity removal or downstream impurity reduction is required.

Complete EZP product line

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Fast: Plug and Play ready, complete disposability, minimal hold up volume

Easy: transluscent so the liquid level inside can be seen, easy to stack both in series or parallel, easy connectivity, no draining required
Clean: autoclavable, incinerable, compatible with NaOH.

Scale up

Single Layer media

The 3M™ Zeta Plus single layer 1 cell 0.23m2 & the 11 cell 2.5m2 capsule are to be used in applications in the Blood Fractionation, Biotechnology, and related markets

  • Reduced validation resources, time and costs
  • All the benefits of disposable technology
  • High filtration surface area

Single layer zeta plus is available in entire EZP product line

Target Applications

Primary application: mammalian cell clarifications at harvest

Secondary application: contaminants removal – HCP, virus, DNA, endotoxins, lipids etc.

Overall enhanced protection of downstream processes.




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