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Rear Projection Displays

The presence of 3M highly visible rear projection films and screens, together with projectors, improve customer interaction and communication.

Rear Projection Film and Screens


The versatile, self-adhesive Vikuiti Rear Projection Film transforms store windows into a vibrant branding and promotions tool, by allowing video, static images and dynamic messaging to be projected directly onto the surface. Images can be read easily from long distances and all angles, even in challenging lighting conditions. Plus, the Vikuiti Film can be cut to any desired shape and size, reflecting, for example, company logos and brands.

Vikuiti™ Rear Projection Displays (PDF: 6.2 MB)

Vikuiti™ Rear Projection Screens (PDF: 1.3 MB)

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Virtual Mannequin

Virtual Mannequin

Our virtual mannequin allows you to effectively promote your products in a unique and innovative way; creating excitement, attracting attention and driving sales at the point-of-sale. It can take on any shape to reflect a human body, cartoon character and a wealth of other imaginative forms. It simply stops people in their tracks and allows you to communicate your messages as never before. Ideal for museums, car showrooms, reception areas, cinemas, anywhere where you need to communicate to your audience.

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Les vitrines Alfa Romeo font leur show à Istanbul

L'impact visuel est crucial pour la réussite d'une marque de voitures modernes. Alfa Romeo Istanbul a utilisé le film de projection arrière 3M pour délivrer un message puissant dans la rue.

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